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Ronald Mkiza

Creation has always been a big passion for Ronald Mkiza. This passion has led him to pursue a degree in IT and making music. Pursuing multiple avenues was demanding for Ronald, and he had no succes finding help in that regard. Therefore he imagined a platform where you could get assistance to reach your goals, no matter what avenue it is. That platform is Medani.

Marcus Have

Working as a bar manager while studying finance, Marcus is well versed in the art of responsibility. This experience has led him to be the C.O.O of Medani with the responsibility of leading the projects to success.

Sami Joram

With an interest in Photography, a background in Logistic Management Sami Joram is the driving force in the expansion behind Medani. With extensive knowledge in social branding he was the obvious choice about how to take this to the next level.

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